In Loving Memory

Kendall "The BSK" Lewis

November 14,1960 ~ Aprill 11, 2017

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Memorial Service Saturday April 15 at 2PM

Monticello Middle School

3665 Monticello Blvd.

Cleveland Heights, Oh 44121


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Who Is The BSK?

Kendall J. Lewis, The BSK

Kendall Lewis a real powerhouse on the landscape of sports broadcasting in Cleveland. A native Clevelander, “The BSK” has followed sports his entire life.  Raised on Cleveland’s east side, in the Hough community, Lewis is recognized as one of the most entertaining, fearless, progressive, and polarizing sports talk show hosts around.

After leaving Ohio University, Kendall’s broadcasting career began as a news and sports reporter at Cleveland’s WJMO in the summer of 1981. As the years went by, Kendall concentrated solely on sports, and rose in the broadcasting profession as a sportscaster, covering everything from college basketball and football in the SEC, Big -10, ACC, and Big -12, to Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NBA Finals, and the National Football League.

As the 21st century approached, TheBSK was at the forefront of sports talk for seven years, while on the radio in Cleveland, with his show on WKNR. He was also a member of ESPN’s talent stable, serving as a regular fill-in host for several years on “Game Day” and “Game Night”, as well as “The Sports Bash”, “ESPN Magazine” and the “The NFL Huddle” on ESPN radio.

He’s also an accomplished television host, having worked at CTN, PAX-TV, WOIO, and FSN Ohio.

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